Monday, 2 May 2011


After hearing many good reviews, I decided I should get Bulletstorm. I always liked FPS games but the thing that attracted me to them wasn't the shooting, it was the added element to them which made them exciting and fun, for example Crysis 2 adding various powers for you to use. Bulletstorm has one of these elements, called kill-shots, which makes the game unique.

As soon as I loaded Bulletstorm and started the game, the fluid motion of the story started and I found myself absorbed in it. The plot line is very enjoyable and exciting and added with the option of having many fun ways of killing your enemies, it makes the game a pleasure to play.

The many weapons available to buy and use also have a strong effect on the overall gameplay. There are many different guns are created to cater different players' playstyle. Each weapon also has a 'charged' attack which is extremely powerful and allows for the killing of many enemies. I found enjoyment using the two most basic weapons the most; the 'boot' and the electrical whip.

The graphics and environment are extremely detailed and have an awesome effect on the way you play the game. In the screenshot above, there's a huge wheel which sprays water at you, which stays on the screen for a short period of time. I stayed on the level for quite a while just observing the environment as it was amazing.

However... Uhh... To think about it, I can't think of many negatives to this game apart from the linear storyline and no option for multiplayer. Oh and also, Ishi is really mean throughout the game to you :(

In total, I would rate this game at around 9.5/10. I would say that it definitely has a strong replay value, as most players would play the game again just to complete all the skill-shots. I believe Bulletstorm is a must-play game